The Essence of My Yoga Practice

Accrescent:  growing continuously, specifically growing larger after flowering


Open to possibility and possibility will open you


I took my first yoga class on the verge of fatherhood at the age of 35.  In the preceding year I began doing yoga poses daily, oddly enough, with my Nintendo Wii, as a way to “feel good” in the morning and fend-off some of the physical injuries that seemingly plague every male member of my family (note:  Wii yoga is not yoga, but the potency of the poses was apparent to me in even then).  Over the years, my practice has been so many things for me:  an escape, an anchor, a workout, a restorer, a portal, a teacher, an ego crusher, medicine. Now I find that while I may feel different on a daily basis, my practice is an unshakable, ever-expanding constant, where as long as I continue to show up, what I offer to my practice is offered to me in return, often with dividends.   The fact that I practice and teach yoga is a reminder of the potential of possibility.

Craig Yaremko is a dedicated yogi and yoga teacher,who teaches alignment-based yoga.  A Yoga Alliance RYT-200, he completed his RYT-200 hour teacher training at Yoga Mechanics in Montclair, NJ, in 2018, where his primary teachers were Omni Kitts Ferrara, Donna Scro Samori, Matthew Korn, and Joe Gandarillas.  Since then, Craig has continued studies and deepened his practice at workshops with notable teachers Darren Rhodes, Chaya Spencer, Douglas Brooks, and Dr. Robyn Capobianco.  He created and teaches Music and Mindfulness, a course that combines meditation, yoga and mindful music listening and appreciation, at Holdrum Middle School in River Vale, NJ.

Join Craig on the mat Monday evenings at 6pm at Yoga Mechanics.

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